Hercules and Love Affair

27 Jan

Warning:  This band has been known to cause impromptu dance sessions while alone in ones room, or seated on a chair.  So, so glad my shades were drawn. 

This is yet another one of those albums that I had apparently been inadvertently avoiding.  I saw the video for “You Belong” maybe six months ago, but failed to act despite the wonderful treatment.  Now that I finally do have the album I find myself compelled to listen to it almost every chance I get.  I am by no means a dance, club or house music expert, but I was immediately aware of and refreshed by the familiar era’s conjured in each of the albums 10 tracks.  Despite these allusions, of which there are many, it manages to avoid the pitfall of nostalgia.  Even the afore mentioned single, whose sound so clearly evokes dance music from the early 90’s, an era of music I found to be both hyper cliché and enchanting at the same time, is never a blatant rip.  It exists in its own time cleverly re-inventing the wheel.  

A fellow Colorado-an, Andrew Butler is the pulsing heart of the group.  His lyrics and music provide a playground for the listener.  Aside from being one of the best albums of recent memory, it is also one of the awesomely queer.  Each song detailing the journey for love and acceptance in the form of a wonderfully danceable anthem.  The phenomenal vocalists (Antony Hegarty, Kim Ann Foxman, and Nomi Ruiz) who bring the songs to life further clarify and expand this idea and, together, feel almost like the queer avengers of the dance floor.  It is perhaps for this reason I smiled when I saw that one of the genre descriptions listed for them in wikipedia is Dance-Punk.  

If you remain unconvinced that they are worth checking out please give the vid a gander.  And if you have the time, pitchfork has a really good review of the album that can be found here.



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