Favorite Things: Lisa of Explode Into Colors

29 Jan

© Jesse RigginsI worked as a music director and manager of a rather defunct college radio station all through my stay in higher education.  While we never really got our little webzine running on all four wheels there was one feature I was particularly fond of.  As I was the one in charge of it, and they are not using it in my absence, I have decided to take it with me and make FF/RW its new home.  That feature is “Favorite Things“.  Now its really no big deal, in fact its uber dorky, but then that’s kind of how I like it.  The idea is simple, I send out a brief questionnaire to bands and musicians I like and see what they send back.  So here we go.

The first to respond to this new and improved version is drummer extraordinaire Lisa Schonberg (pictured above) of Explode Into Colors.   Lisa wanted me to make it very clear that her favorites are hers and hers alone, not of the band as a whole.  However, the band as a whole is very fond of burgers, and that is a tip you can take to the bank.

i have many favorites, these are just the first that came to mind – lisa 

fictional character: alice
color: green
animal: lion
poet: sam lohman
president/prime minister: teddy roosevelt [for establishing the national park system]
food: burger
phobia: heights
word: tight
place: tropical rain forest
article of clothing: wool flannel shirt
musical term: trambonie
childhood toy: my 26 barbies

Thank you so much Lisa!  If you’re in portland, live it up and go see Explode in Colors – cuz ya can!  Their next show is valentine’s day (feb 14th) @ Wonder Ballroom in Portland, Oregon.  And everyone should check out Lisa’s awesome “DIY Guide to Drums” on buyolympia.

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    […] things and quite quickly too.  Lisa Schonberg, who you may remember from her Favorite Things contribution, not only has a new project underway, but they’ve already released new material. […]

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