Thursday = Flannel Pajamas?

5 Feb

Asobi Seksu

Sophomore effort “Citrus” by the NYC based band Asobi Seksu has recently made a come back on my ipod.  The wonderfully textured album had inadvertently gotten buried in the last couple of years.  Aside from a few tracks that I find short sighted (“Mizu Asobi”) it is, as a whole, kaleidoscopic and brilliant, and may well find itself in a future Rewind Review.  

For now however, my point is not so much about the album, but about the use of the song “Thursday” in the trailer for the film “Flannel Pajamas“. My fondness for opening credit sequences spreads, unsurprisingly, to film trailers as well. I remember seeing this particular teaser a few years ago and, though I still have yet to see the film, images from it have since remained vividly etched in my brain.  This got me wondering about what happens to the life and innate story of a song when it gets co-opted by another medium.  Does it enhance or detract?  Do you think less of a song based on its involvement with a bad project?  The trailer does, I believe, use the song well as a sort of envelope for small clips from the film to fit into.  Yet now it seems, because of this, all I can think of when I listen to “Thursday” is a movie I have never seen. A phenomenon I find to be strange indeed, yet not so far removed from say a music video.

Flannel Pajamas

The film itself always looked like a movie I should see, it does after all start two of my favorite actors, though I was initially put off by a bad review from a friend.  Still, given the recent mental fascination, I feel I should add it to my Netflix queue post haste.  And while I wait for that to arrive I guess I’ll have to settle for watching the trailer again.


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