Loving Takes This Course

10 Feb

Kath Bloom and Loren ConnorsI don’t know about anyone else but I love it when artists of any sort pay homage to those that inspired them. It can be an intriquing task no doubt, to try honor but not outdue, show humility without showing yourself to be less-than. This is certainly true when the artist in question is of the brand name status of The Beatles, Zepplin, Joplin etc. But when the tributee is relatively unknown it takes on new importance. There is a level of verite to it that is perhaps lost with those bigger artists, some sense that those who appear on the album are not just there for the de-facto boost in sales. If done right the tribute to an under appreciated musician can force the intoxicating feeling of discovery on someone who may not have been looking for it.

Why am I going on about this? Because I recently stumbled across news of a new tribute album to folk artist Kath Bloom called “Loving Takes This Course” due out in early April.  Despite being in the music business for more than 30 years Bloom (pictured above with guitarist Loren Connors) remains largely unknown, the most notable exception being the use of her song “Come Here” in one of my favorite movies ever, Before Sunrise.  Yes, yes, I know, hopeless romantic am I.  Anyway, the fact that so many of the freak-folk scene and otherwise are gathering together to give her some props is pretty awesome.  What’s even more awesome to me is the decision by record company Chapter Music to release the album as a 2 disc set.  The first side being the cover songs, and on the second, presented in the same track order, are the original versions leaving listeners with no excuses, at least not good ones, for not taking the next step and appreciating Bloom’s music in its own right.  Could just be me, but I think thats pretty cool.   

For the complete list of contributers, including Devendra Banhart, Mia Doi Todd, The Concretes, and Scout Niblett, as well as the full track list go here.  And to see whether or not you DO know which scene I am referring to – watch below.


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