Hello Seahorse

11 Feb

Hello SeahorseNew find of the week is Mexican band Hello Seahorse.  I know virtually nothing about this band other than that I need more of their music in my life.  Also their myspace page is almost completely in spanish so apparently I should really get on learning that language already, so as to better decipher it.  The U.S. release of “Hoy A Las Ocho” was released on indie label Magic Marker last year and I apparently missed the whole thing.  It’s OK though, I’m with it now.  Oh so very with it.  Their music is amazingly catchy and wonderful, just the thing for summer fun – or for that last gasp of winter when you’re dreaming of summer fun, as is more accurately my current situation.  At any rate, I need to find myself a copy of their album pronto, and if you don’t feel the same after watching the video for “Won’t Say Anything” then I think we need to have a serious talk.


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