It’s Blitz

14 Feb

© Autumn De Wilde

NYC based art/punk/pop(?) band Yeah Yeah Yeah’s recently announced the official release dates of their 3rd full length studio album and its first single. The album, to be called It’s Blitz, was produced by Nick Launay (Arcade Fire, Talking Heads) and Dave Sitek (of TV on the Radio) and is rumored to be swapping Nick’s signature guitar lines for a more synth heavy sound.

I want to say I’m not sure how I feel about this, but the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s have always struck me as a band that would have far more success if they stuck with playing new versions of “Maps” and “Date With The Night” over and over again. Which is not to say that they are not successful. However it was a welcome surprise, and one that garnered new respect for them, when I first heard “Gold Lion” the opening track from their 2006 release Show Your Bones. The addition of accoustic guitar and key was welcome then as I hope synths will be welcome now.

It’s Blitz will be released on April 14th and the first single Zero will be release Feb 24th.  In the meantime their cover of The Ramones song “Sheena Is a Punk Rocker” is worth checking out.  And, for those that have not seen it, please enjoy the video co-directed/choreographed by Karen O for the Tiny Masters of Today‘s song “Hologram World.”  It is one of my favorite ever.

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