Credit Check: Dead Like Me

9 Jul

dead_like_meHulu is a funny thing. As a person who loves a good ongoing story (read: loves the conceit of TV shows) but does not in fact own a TV, I am quite happy that it, and others like it, exist. And with such success no less.

So much success in fact that it has managed, almost single-handedly, to revive a little show like Dead Like Me that was cancelled due to low ratings in 2004. Almost everyone I know seems to have become spontaneously aware of the show’s existence and have been raving about it, both online and off, ever since its inclusion to the Hulu catalog. So I am left with one question to ask.

Hulu – where were you 5 years ago?

For those who haven’t yet seen it the show, created by one of my favs Mr. Bryan Fuller,  is a brilliantly funny and sarcastic look at death and the trails of office work. Both at the same time. And all through the eyes of a recently deceased 20-something grim reaper. Now I ask you. If that doesn’t sound like pure genius, than what does? The opener has always held a soft spot in my heart, finding a perfect balance point that the shows unique humor is constantly teetering on. The music, for those curious, was composed by Stewart Copeland (aka drummer/percussionist for The Police). Who knew?


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