St Vincent

9 Jul

St Vincent

Zut Alors! Late again!  this time by a lot too.  Whoops.   Well, I have been listening to tons of music lately, mostly country of various types actually (more on that later), but I have finally, finally found time to sneak in some tune time for St. Vincent’s latest album Actor.  It is quite good.  But then that was almost a given.  It does have more breadth than her previous work which provides for a welcome rounding out of her sound.  Rather than venturing perhaps a little too far into the land of atonality as compositional exercise the new album favors a wider use of heavier distorted guitars to provide the same effect but without breaking the spell of her extremely well crafted lyrics.

In short, I dig it.  As does the New York Times apparently who published a pretty rad article on Ms. Annie Clark herself.  For those for those who missed it, you can check it out here.

She has also announced a tour with Andrew Bird this fall after she finishes a smaller solo round of touring.  Check out the dates on her website.  And until such time as you can see her live here’s a video of her recent performance on Letterman. I find his reaction at the end pretty funny.  Enjoy.


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