New Crush: Lovers

15 Jul


This is a post I have been meaning to do for months.  When I (finally) visited Portland in May I knew I had to see a show, it really almost didn’t even matter who it was so long as a show was seen.   So I picked up a copy of the Portland Mercury to see what was going on and decided to see Lovers, a band I had previously never heard of before, play at the Branx.  This is something I don’t do nearly enough in New York.  Sure going to see shows blind, so to speak, can lead to more than a few duds, but to see a really good band without any preconception of what they are all about and where they are going to take you is a pretty amazing experience.  Lovers, I soon found out, were just such a band.

Singer-songwriter Carolyn Berk and current collaborators Emily Kingan (The Haggard) and Kerby Ferris (Fantasmina) took the stage and began playing songs from their newest release “I Am The West”.  Almost instantaneously I began grinning like an idiot.  This is a common occurrence for me when I hear new music that I really, really like, and I’m sure it makes me tons of friends. Funny how it only takes a second to fall in love – both in life and in music.

LoversI left Portland the next day and, much to Tory’s amusement, started grinning uncontrollably yet again as I listened to the album for the first time while on a train to Seattle.  It was a welcome surprise when the album lived up to the promise of the night before, the material just as spirited and sincere as it was in person.  Without the hum and distortion of small venue acoustics the songs could breathe within the fine tuned landscapes of their production.  Even more refreshing – Berk’s voice and lyrics, both of which had been hard to hear on account of being distracted by all the grinning, turn out to be wonderfully earnest and inviting.

“I Am The West” has remained on constant rotation for me since then, a good two months now, and I continue to revel in it.  So, in truth this post is not so much a review as it is a plea.  A plea for anyone out there reading this to please, please check out this band if for no other reason than I, your humble blogger, am in love with them and think you should be too.

The end.

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