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Trailer Talk: The Runaways

30 Dec

Finally there is a trailer of The Runaways movie!!   It was released durring the holidays and I haven’t had internets for a week, so I appologize if this news is getting to people a little late.  I readily admit that I have had my concerns about the project just as much as I’ve had my hopes.  The teaser isn’t long but it is exciting and calms most of the fears about Kristin Stewart and Dakota Fanning playing two rock goddesses – namely that they actually look the part.

The movie, an adaptation of Cherie Currie’s book “Neon Angel”, chonicles the early years of one of the most important and unique bands in the history of rock and roll, not to mention the vehicle for not only Currie but Lita Ford and Joan Jett as well.  Which is a long way of saying it better be good. Anyway, in case you haven’t seen it, give it a look and tell me your thoughts.  Excited? Nervous? Indifferent?


Trailer Talk: Death at a Funeral

30 Dec

So I was killing time the other day, scoping out new trailers, surfin the web.  When I noticed something interesting.  A less than 2 year old british comedy called “Death at a Funeral” directed by Frank Oz, starring Matthew MacFadyen and Keeley Hawes, has apparently been remade.  This stateside redo directed by Neil LaBute gives it the additional twist of becoming a black comedy, starring Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan and Martin Lawrence among others.  The near identical trailers are a rather interesting pair.

RIP: Bob Willoughby

28 Dec

Being a photographer I can’t help but grieve a little every time I hear that a master of the art has passed. Today is no exception. Most photographers, even those who helped define the visual character of our modern world, live and work in near complete anonymity and sadly it is often only after their passing that they get any of the credit they so richly deserve.  Bob Willoughby, one of the most influential portrait and film photographers of the last 60 years, died December 18th at the age of 82. His photographs are arresting and playful, I greatly encourage a look at his work for anyone interested. His obituary ran in the New York Times today and it is well worth a read. Truly a gifted artist.


21 Dec

So its a fairly well known fact among my friends that I am a bit of linguistics buff. I point to my attempt to learn 3 languages simultaneously as evidence. At any rate, I have long pondered what on earth english must sound like to someone who doesn’t speak it. It’s a language I am far too familiar with to have any real sense for the abstract sound of it. So I was pretty damn psyched to discover this video from the late 60’s of Italian singer/director/comedian Adriano Celentano singing a song in a made-up language designed to sound like english. To be honest I can’t tell if it is pure gibberish or just totally mixed up words but still, I think it does the job. Plus I’m still not sure which is better, the audio or the video. You be the judge.

Warpaint, an update.

19 Dec

Remember way back in February when I posted a video of a then almost completely obscure band called Warpaint?  Well 2009, it turns out, was a very very good year for them indeed.  After finally self-publishing an EP online they then got showered with attention at SXSW leading to a proper re-release of the Exquisite Corpse EP on Manimal Vinyl this october and have recently been signed to Rough Trade Records with talks of a debut full length album to be released in early 2010.  Talk about being busy.

I recently finished a review of Exquisite Corpse for my friends over at Wears the Trousers and I humbly request for anyone interested to give it a read.  And, for all those that just want some eye candy here is the wonderfully hypnotic official music video for the song “Stars” directed by Adam Harding.

Play, Pause, Repeat: Shaky Hands

9 Dec

So, it appears I’m on a bit of a stop-animation kick, perhaps it’s a reaction to the fact that I still have not seen “Fantastic Mr. Fox“.  At any rate this video comes from The Shaky Hands, who have had a rather awesome year so far which thankfully included awesome new music for folks like you and me.  Their latest album Let It Die was released in september and was produced by Jay Pellici who should be known and loved for his work with Deerhoof and Erase Errata.  This video, in addition to being a wonderful song, was directed by the talented Clyde Petersen, who happens to have directed a slew of mighty fine videos.

The Shaky Hands are currently on tour through much of the country, so if you get a chance to see them I would strongly encourage it.  Hope you enjoy the video!

Play, Pause, Repeat: Mika Miko

4 Dec

For anyone out there who, like me, is still mourning the break-up of Mika Miko, I decided to post the video that made me fall in love with their infectiously precocious brand of indie-punk: Business Cats. The amicable split was announced in October and serves as just another example of how great this band was. I know I for one am looking forward to any and all future projects from Jennifer, Jessie, Michelle, Jenna and Seth.

As for the video, it was directed by stop-motion super duo Molly and Mariah (who you may remember as directors of Sleater-Kinney’s “Entertain”).