Trailer Talk: The Runaways

30 Dec

Finally there is a trailer of The Runaways movie!!   It was released durring the holidays and I haven’t had internets for a week, so I appologize if this news is getting to people a little late.  I readily admit that I have had my concerns about the project just as much as I’ve had my hopes.  The teaser isn’t long but it is exciting and calms most of the fears about Kristin Stewart and Dakota Fanning playing two rock goddesses – namely that they actually look the part.

The movie, an adaptation of Cherie Currie’s book “Neon Angel”, chonicles the early years of one of the most important and unique bands in the history of rock and roll, not to mention the vehicle for not only Currie but Lita Ford and Joan Jett as well.  Which is a long way of saying it better be good. Anyway, in case you haven’t seen it, give it a look and tell me your thoughts.  Excited? Nervous? Indifferent?

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