New Crush: Foals

18 Apr

After going down the rabbit hole of the interwebs yesterday I stumbled upon a video for the new single off the forthcoming Foals album “Total Life Forever“, due out stateside on SubPop records digitally in May and fully pressed on CD and LP in June.

Now, Foals is a band that I am largely unfamiliar with.  I had heard of them before or course – it was kind of hard to fully miss the success of their debut Antidotes- though despite seeing it everywhere I somehow managed to avoid listening to it all together. Until last night.

The video for “Spanish Sahara” took me by surprise in the best possible way. First of all, it is without question a gorgeous clip, shot beautifully by the talented Dave Ma.  It’s a wonderfully understated and devastating landscape – the photographer in me just couldn’t help but fall in love with it. Plus, the music is REALLY good. I immediately found Antidotes and have been listening to it since.  Very Battles-esque, and very cerebral all peppered with those soprano guitar sounds that I can’t help but be a sucker for.  Though I have to say, what I have so far heard off of the new record is more exciting.  It seems looser, more daring.  I’m very curious to hear the whole thing, so stay tuned for the full-length review that is sure to follow it’s release.

In the meantime, enjoy the video that is responsible for this little love fest.

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