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New Crush: Laura Marling

22 May

So in my adventures of moonlighting as a music reviewer I wind up playing a roulette game of sorts, never knowing what music I’m going to get next. Will it be something amazing or something terrible? It’s quite different from the more common method of discovering music which is almost always by association – your friend showed you this band, that band is friends with such and such, heard on your favorite radio show, or a pandora selection. It’s sort of amazing how quickly the sheer randomness of it can make one skeptical.

In light of that, it was with great delight that I found the subject of my most recent review, one Ms. Laura Marling. Hailing from england and all of 20 years old, Laura Marling writes the kind of songs that make you weak in the knees. They are instantly familiar, echoing shades of decades past while writing with an eye on the horizon. Her voice is woody and playful, effortlessly shifting between a womanly rich depth and a sweet lilt. She is the kind of artist you long to have a cup of coffee with and talk about the world. Her songs breathe with such compassion and grace, and show an immense amount of maturity for someone so young.

My review should be up on Wears the Trousers in the next few days, so if you want a slightly more in depth analysis I encourage you to give it a gander. In the meantime please, please check out the wonderfully shot video for her new song “Rambling Man” and then watch it again, her words are worth the repeat. The new album was just released stateside so there is now no excuse for not checking it out.


Covert Covers: Justin Timberlake

7 May

A few random, and might I add awesome, interpretations of Justin Timberlake for no other reason than I felt like it.  Pop music guilty pleasure though he may be, I think I prefer these versions to his.


Any other covert covers out there? If so, please share!