Lovers On The Horizon

12 Aug

Hey all, sorry for the prolonged absence – moving and summer proved to be pretty distracting. But I am back and there are loads of interesting and exciting musical things happening out there right now! Not the least of which is the news that one of my favorite bands Lovers (whom I fell in love with last year) are preparing to release a new full-length this October. While new material is always thrill-worthy, I can’t help but be especially pumped in this case, considering that the shift in sound that made a bunch of people turn their heads and take notice on I Am The West was recorded without current band members Kerby Ferris and Emily Kingan. To say that the addition of these two reinvented the band would be an understatement and it’ll be great to hear their contributions fully incorporated into the new recordings.

So far I have been able to find 2 tracks from the new album, “Figure 8” (seen above) which theyve been playing live for over a year now, and “Boxer” which I just might be addicted to now and can be found on their myspace page. For those interested stay tuned to the Willamette Weekly music blog Local Cut, which looks to be slowly releasing more tracks as the release date nears. Currently entitled “Dark Light” it should drop on October 12 on Badman records.  It appears they are also gearing up for a tour of both coasts at least to promote the new disk so keep your eyes peeled.  Updates to follow as they become available.

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