Most of All: Mirah and Thao

17 Aug

So, for those of you who don’t know, K Recs superstar Mirah and Kill Rock Stars phenom Thao ( of Thao and the Get Down Stay Down) have recently teamed up for a small bi-coastal tour of the U.S. This included a stint in Brooklyn and the Music Hall of Williamsburg that I was fortunate enough to see. I have to say the experience of being in the crowd as a huge fan of BOTH Mirah and Thao was a fairly interesting one. I felt like a lone purple dot in a sea of blues and reds, concert goers who were clearly inclined one way or another. Half the crowd would sing along with Mirah and half would dance along with Thao. I think it’s fair to say that both artists won over their fair share of the audience by the end and it was quite a testament to both of their musical prowess.

Since then I have been geeking out a little bit at the memory of this potent combination of performers, and I’ll admit it, have spent a few hours perusing through youtube videos of the two. In so doing I stumbled upon some hopeful evidence to suggest that this may not be the last of them together that we see. The video below is of the two performing a song Thao wrote as a duet after their tour.  It works wonderfully I think, and makes me all tingly and happy.  So enjoy!   More to come once I’m stateside again.

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