7″ Heaven: an ode to rare finds

26 Sep

So I was walking around the neighborhood this morning, trying to walk off brunch, when Tory asked if I wanted to go into the local record store.  Despite having been on an online record buying splurge all week I decided this was a very good idea and was positive my wallet would be safe from impulsive purchases.

Boy howdy was I ever wrong.

Let’s ignore the fact that I found, and therefore could not resist, two rare K Rec’s releases (hell YES out-of-print sealed Blow recording, how’re you doing?) and get right to the good stuff.  And by that I mean the holy-shit-super-awesome find that my last minute flipping through the 7″ bin yielded.

“Where R We/ Freaks *** Athletes” by The Butchies.  A 7″ that is so rare I can’t even find mention of it on the internet.  This is partly due to the fact that Mr. Lady records, the label that lead singer Kaia Wilson and her former partner Tammy Rae Carland ran which released nearly all of The Butchies records including this one, has been defunct for over 5 years now.  Combine that with the fact that its always hard to find any queercore/homocore/riot grrl vinyl, since that shit was scarce in the first place, and you have yourself a first class find.

This got me thinking about my record collection in general.

Ignoring the fact that it has stayed pretty small due to a self imposed sanction on new records for most of the last year – I have to say if my 12″ LP’s were to duke it out against my 7″ Singles and EP’s to see which collection kicks more ass… the 7″s would win hands down.

But why is that?  Is it simply easier to make a rad collection due to the fact that they tend to be a format for smaller print runs, thereby making each worthy 7″ find feel more like gold, even if it does only cost 1-5$.  Or is it the low price tag that makes them so hard to resist, like the baseball cards of the music world.  What is it about 7″ scores that makes them so much more satisfying?  Or am I wrong about this whole thing and just punch-drunk with capitalistic glee on my recent purchase.  Are 12″ long players the true victors of record collections everywhere?  Im eager to know?  Is there ever a clear winner?  Or is it simply a matter of which collection yields the better treasures?

And while we’re on the topic, anyone else make some great finds recently?

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