Play, Pause, Repeat: Grass Widow

16 Nov

So my head has been all a flutter recently with thoughts about music being made now, its similarities to genre’s of music past, passion in relation to sound especially in reference to political discourse and whether any of that means anything or if it is still possible to make radical music.  It seems like anytime I start thinking about this idea, I hear something new that makes me re-evaluate.  My primary inspiration at the moment is Grass Widow, a band that has been floating around my radar ever since I went to mexico and got all crushy on their music at the house bar we went to.  The one and only Tobi Vail just wrote a really awesome review on her blog Jigsaw of their new full-length Past Time that is dead-on and well worth a read.

It should go without saying that their music, if I’m gushing this much, is also worth a listen. So to prove that point, and to quell your hump-day blues a bit, here’s a rad live action, stop motion video (my very favorite kind) of their song “Fried Egg” directed by the band’s own Hannah Lew. Bon Appetite!



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