How “The Kathleen Hannah Project” stole Brooklyn

15 Dec

Words cannot express how badly I wanted to be at that show, basking in the Kathleen Hanna love, but sadly my various attempts at pulling strings failed and I spent the night at home watching Deadliest Catch and tried to console myself with knowing that in a few days there would be copious amounts of youtube videos to watch.  Well, the videos are in and they are more than proof of the awesomeness that transpired on one cold rainy december saturday in Brooklyn.

And as if a video of Kim Gordon reading the Riot Grrl Manifesto isn’t badass enough (seriously I got teary eyed while watching it) even better is the news of new music in the works from our very favorite Rebel Girl. Those who are familiar with Hanna’s work will likely recall a one-off solo project recorded shortly after Bikini Kill broke up called Julie Ruin.  Well, Ms. Ruin has been resurrected as The Julie Ruin and finds Hanna backed by a full band including former bandmate Kathi Wilcox (Bikini Kill, The Casual Dots).  The internets and me are freaking out about this.  The one video i’ve found of their performance is too shaky for me to make out the rest of the band members and I haven’t seen them named anywhere so if anyone knows more than I do please share.  Kathleen leads off the performance by stating that they are working on an album and I have to say that’s easily the best xmas gift ever.

For more info on the show check out the Bust Blog and for more pictures and videos head on over here, and check out the site for the documentary.

Kim Gordon reading “The Riot Grrl Manifesto”

The intro for The Julie Ruin by Murray Hill and first song


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