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Play, Pause, Repeat: Sprawl II: Mountains Beyond Mountains (live)

4 Jan

I simply cannot stop listening to this song. I haven’t even really gotten into the rest of The Suburbs, but this song man, it got its hooks in me. It is Arcade Fire at its best, wielding their poetic skills in perfect balance with sprawling (ha!) orchestration. The more I listen to them the more I feel that they are becoming the defining rock band of our generation. They appeal to everyone on some level, even if only for a song or two. They sell millions of records and sell out shows around the world all while remaining on a relatively small independent label, a sin of the times and the future both at once. All that aside this song is simply phenomenal and gives Regine more time to shine, something she richly deserves. For anyone who, like me, grew up between coasts or in small towns this song cuts deep. I have seriously listened to it nearly twenty times today and so could not resist posting.


New Crush: The Babies

3 Jan

So I seem to have just sprung upon a virtual honey pot of bands recently.  Or maybe its more like I suddenly noticed a rash of connections between things I previously thought separate.  Whatever the reason, I am simply swimming in new music these days, which is frankly pretty rad.  A new one to join my collection is from local Brooklyn band The Babies.

The Babies consists of Cassie Ramone (Vivian Girls), Kevin Morby (Woods), Justin Sullivan (Bossy), and Nathaniel Stark (ex Bent Outta Shape).  After releasing two  7″ records over the last year and a half, The Babies are finally getting ready to release their first full length album on Shrimper Records in just over a month.  In the meantime, this four piece is getting ready to hit the road for an east coast with White Fence, and are actually going to play their last ‘home game’ tonight at Monster Island Basement.  Details of the show are sparse so you’re on your own for a start time but they’ll be joined by K-Holes, Big Troubles and Dutch Treat.  If you’re in the area definatly try to check it out.  If not, enjoy the song below, and check out a new song from the forthcoming album over on See The Leaves.