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Favorite Things: Justin Ringle of Horse Feathers

20 Apr

Dear readers, you may remember that one of my grabs on record store day was “House With No Home” by Horse Feathers.  Well, it’s been all of three days and already I’m behind in my collection, as today marks the release of the band’s eagerly anticipated third album “Thistled Spring“.  In a happy coincidence the wonderfully-talented heart of the band, Justin Ringle, recently took the time to fill us in on some of his favorite things, which easily made my day.  Enjoy all!

(PS – I highly encourage running to your favorite record store after reading this for a copy of the new album.  Trust me, it’ll be worth it)

BookWise Blood [by Flannery O’Connor]
Fictional CharacterMan with no name
ArtistAndrew Wyeth
MusicianAaron Copland
PoetJames Wright
President/Prime MinisterFDR
Article of Clothinglong sleeve buttondown shirt
Musical Termpizzicato
Childhood Toylegos
Quote” I hire people to look into my eyes and the have them kick me,” interviewer asks that’s how you get your kicks? “no, then I forgive them that’s where my kicks come in.” – Bob Dylan

Favorite Things: Kim Schifino

5 Mar


This is yet another exciting moment in this young blogs history.  Kim Schifino of Matt & Kim fame has graciously taken time out of their post release mayhem to fill out our little survey.  Check it out.


band: TI
fictional character: barney from how i met your mother
color: black or red
animal: i really want a dog
artist: any of the german expressionists
president/prime minister: really… come on OBAMA
food: italian
phobia: i hate water on my face, being in the dark, confined spaces, my belly button being touched
place: brooklyn
article of clothing: my red hoodie


Kim, I share your love of Barney Stenson and hoodies of all varieties and thanks again for the kindness of your response.  

Favorite Things: Casey of Ohbijou

30 Jan

ohbijouI am very, very excited about this.  Casey Mecija [second from the left], lead singer, guitarist and songwriter for the phenomenal band Ohbijou, has graciously contributed her list of favorite things to the site.  If you are unfamiliar with Ohbijou then I suggest you remedy that quickly and listen to their independently released “Swift Feet For Troubling Times”.  Give special attention to their song “The Woods” as it is one of the single best recordings I have ever heard.  After that lofty intro, here, without further ado, are Casey’s favorites:

book – Currently: Autobiography of Red by Anne Carson
movie – Central Station
fictional character – Max Fischer, Margot Tenebaum
color –  Anything in the shades of Autumn
animal – Red Labrador, one in particular named Appleby.
food – Spaghetti
phobia – mold
word – plume
place – Santa Cruz, Paris France, Philidelphia,
article of clothing – Cardigan
musical term – Crescendo
childhood toy – Walkie Talkie
quote – Currently: “Geryon bent his neck over to one side, like a poppy that spoils its delicate shapes, shedding its petals all at once.”

Ohbijou are preparing to release their second album, Beacons, in April so keep an eye out.

Favorite Things: Lisa of Explode Into Colors

29 Jan

© Jesse RigginsI worked as a music director and manager of a rather defunct college radio station all through my stay in higher education.  While we never really got our little webzine running on all four wheels there was one feature I was particularly fond of.  As I was the one in charge of it, and they are not using it in my absence, I have decided to take it with me and make FF/RW its new home.  That feature is “Favorite Things“.  Now its really no big deal, in fact its uber dorky, but then that’s kind of how I like it.  The idea is simple, I send out a brief questionnaire to bands and musicians I like and see what they send back.  So here we go.

The first to respond to this new and improved version is drummer extraordinaire Lisa Schonberg (pictured above) of Explode Into Colors.   Lisa wanted me to make it very clear that her favorites are hers and hers alone, not of the band as a whole.  However, the band as a whole is very fond of burgers, and that is a tip you can take to the bank.

i have many favorites, these are just the first that came to mind – lisa 

fictional character: alice
color: green
animal: lion
poet: sam lohman
president/prime minister: teddy roosevelt [for establishing the national park system]
food: burger
phobia: heights
word: tight
place: tropical rain forest
article of clothing: wool flannel shirt
musical term: trambonie
childhood toy: my 26 barbies

Thank you so much Lisa!  If you’re in portland, live it up and go see Explode in Colors – cuz ya can!  Their next show is valentine’s day (feb 14th) @ Wonder Ballroom in Portland, Oregon.  And everyone should check out Lisa’s awesome “DIY Guide to Drums” on buyolympia.