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Play, Pause, Repeat: Sprawl II: Mountains Beyond Mountains (live)

4 Jan

I simply cannot stop listening to this song. I haven’t even really gotten into the rest of The Suburbs, but this song man, it got its hooks in me. It is Arcade Fire at its best, wielding their poetic skills in perfect balance with sprawling (ha!) orchestration. The more I listen to them the more I feel that they are becoming the defining rock band of our generation. They appeal to everyone on some level, even if only for a song or two. They sell millions of records and sell out shows around the world all while remaining on a relatively small independent label, a sin of the times and the future both at once. All that aside this song is simply phenomenal and gives Regine more time to shine, something she richly deserves. For anyone who, like me, grew up between coasts or in small towns this song cuts deep. I have seriously listened to it nearly twenty times today and so could not resist posting.


Play, Pause, Repeat: Grass Widow

16 Nov

So my head has been all a flutter recently with thoughts about music being made now, its similarities to genre’s of music past, passion in relation to sound especially in reference to political discourse and whether any of that means anything or if it is still possible to make radical music.  It seems like anytime I start thinking about this idea, I hear something new that makes me re-evaluate.  My primary inspiration at the moment is Grass Widow, a band that has been floating around my radar ever since I went to mexico and got all crushy on their music at the house bar we went to.  The one and only Tobi Vail just wrote a really awesome review on her blog Jigsaw of their new full-length Past Time that is dead-on and well worth a read.

It should go without saying that their music, if I’m gushing this much, is also worth a listen. So to prove that point, and to quell your hump-day blues a bit, here’s a rad live action, stop motion video (my very favorite kind) of their song “Fried Egg” directed by the band’s own Hannah Lew. Bon Appetite!


Play. Pause. Repeat. – MEN

27 Oct

New MEN video for the track ‘Off Our Backs’. I admit, I’ve watched it a couple of times already, and I plan on watching it a few more. Nothing like watching a bunch of shirtless bears play tug of war at sunset. Epic in an entirely homo-gay kind of way. Plus, I can’t help but love how Samson continues to blend feminist lyrics and ideas into poppy dance-beats, it’s just plain sweet.  Enjoy.


Play, Pause, Repeat: It’s a Musical

13 Apr

Sweedish/German based band It’s a Musical are new to me but after having recently written a review of their debut record for Wears The Trousers, I have been happily humming along. Their music is enjoyable pop-twee and comes complete with a barrage of cute, lo-fi videos like this one. Fun times.

The album is called “The Music Makes Me Sick” and was released on Morr Music, those interested can read my review here.

Play. Pause. Repeat: St Vincent

9 Feb

Thunderant meets St Vincent. Ummm… mind. blown.

Play, Pause, Repeat: Shaky Hands

9 Dec

So, it appears I’m on a bit of a stop-animation kick, perhaps it’s a reaction to the fact that I still have not seen “Fantastic Mr. Fox“.  At any rate this video comes from The Shaky Hands, who have had a rather awesome year so far which thankfully included awesome new music for folks like you and me.  Their latest album Let It Die was released in september and was produced by Jay Pellici who should be known and loved for his work with Deerhoof and Erase Errata.  This video, in addition to being a wonderful song, was directed by the talented Clyde Petersen, who happens to have directed a slew of mighty fine videos.

The Shaky Hands are currently on tour through much of the country, so if you get a chance to see them I would strongly encourage it.  Hope you enjoy the video!

Play, Pause, Repeat: Mika Miko

4 Dec

For anyone out there who, like me, is still mourning the break-up of Mika Miko, I decided to post the video that made me fall in love with their infectiously precocious brand of indie-punk: Business Cats. The amicable split was announced in October and serves as just another example of how great this band was. I know I for one am looking forward to any and all future projects from Jennifer, Jessie, Michelle, Jenna and Seth.

As for the video, it was directed by stop-motion super duo Molly and Mariah (who you may remember as directors of Sleater-Kinney’s “Entertain”).