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Whosawhatsits: Good drummers vs. Bad Drummer

31 Oct

Some random video fun for a halloween sunday.  I was tricked into showing up to work today super early, the kind of early where it was still dark out on my bike ride to the subway.  So tonight, I’m gonna treat myself to copious amounts of halloween candy, and I’m gonna treat you to some awesome videos of people drumming like mad.  And I mean that both figuratively and literally.

First up the good.  Here’s a two part video of a drum battle between Sara Lund (Unwound, Hungry Ghost, The Corin Tucker Band) and Janet Weiss (Sleater-Kinney, Quasi, Wild Flag) filmed this august at a drum festival in portland.  It is, in a word – epic.

And, just for fun, the most ridiculous drummer I’ve ever seen in my life.  Keep in mind this is one of those bands that plays outdated songs to the people eating hot dogs at amusement parks.  This dude watched one hair metal video too many. Skip to about 50 seconds in and wait for the magic to happen.


Whosawhatsits: FCKH8

21 Oct

Hey all, sorry for the absence, I was visiting my family many miles away from my computer. Posting will resume shortly and until then here is an awesome PSA I just came across. I think the kids and the older woman are my favs.

Whosawhatsits: talking piano

22 Apr

Still not sure what to make of this but it sure is damned interesting… and more than a little creepy. A team of german scientists (I believe) designed this contraption for the World Venice Forum. The text that its reciting is the proclamation of the European Environmental Criminal Court which, possibly just makes it more creepy.

I can’t help but think about how this relates to our common interaction with music itself. It’s generally believed that music says what words cant. So what happens when music can in fact say words? Thoughts?