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The Dream of ThunderAnt is alive in Portlandia

17 Dec

As someone who wants to move to Portland, has many friends there and has always lived in places of a similar mindset, I find this video hilarious.  Possibly more so after having read the recent profile on Carrie Brownstein in the Willamette Weekly in reference to her upcoming show.  The comments to the article are hilarious in their own right for the largely over-reactive and angry tone over a show that hasn’t even premiered yet.  And I mean seriously people, learn to take a joke.  I grew up in Boulder, CO – a place not all that dissimilar to Portland, and there was no end to the boulder jokes.  At any rate.  For anyone who has watched ThunderAnt and found it funny, you should officially be very, very excited.

Portlandia premieres on The IFC Channel on January 21, 2011.

P.S. – Anyone else recognize the girl immediately behind and to the right of Fred?  If you don’t then maybe this will jog your memory.  hmmmm….